Monday, October 8, 2012

Our condo in Quito- Marco`s review.

This blog is by Marco, but I will put it on the home page!

Lilya asked me to tell about our stay in her condo, and what I thought about it. My mom loved it, because she sees it as part of my school.

The condo we lived in was in Quito at the Centro Historico. What I enjoyed the most was that on the TV most of the channels were in English. The room I slept in was nice but the bed was hard. So I moved to the couch that was very comfy. The internet was fast, and only went off for about a half an hour some days. The shower was okay, but if the washing machine was on the water of the shower  was cold. My mom loved the washing machine and the hot  shower. My dad loved the TV also, and the stove. Sometimes you have to press the button to send out the gas then you have to light it with some matches .  It was nice to have a big fridge. The landlord was very nice to us. At night it got cold in the condo and I got a cold. The wooden floors would squeak if you walk on them. The condo was very clean when we got there. At the weekends there would be music and people dancing in the streets, and it was very nice to walk down the streets at night. I was very pleased with the condo, we had a nice stay.  My mom and dad left me alone in the condo when they went out shopping, and I knew that I was safe.

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