Monday, October 8, 2012

Visiting Casa de Fe @ Shell.

We made an appointment with Stephanie, to visit them in Shell after we met, Jeff, her husband on the bus two days before. Marco was so excited to meet a new friend, Jesse, their teenage son. When the bus stopped in this little town, we started looking for a place to sleep, and decided on one of the two options we had. This hostel had internet, but it was right on top of a ticket office, and in the busy street. The other hostel looked better, but was also in the same busy street, with no internet access. We decided to stay, for only 22US$, and I tried not to focus on the flimsy old blanket on the beds.

It was almost one o`clock and time to meet Jeff, somewhere in the town. He came around jogging to meet us, and we passed the big pork getting ready for lunch, right there in the same street!

His family was waiting for us, and we met Stephanie, and their four children. Jeff, and Stephanie are involved with the Santa de Fe Orphanage, with about seventy children. We got into the back of the truck, typical Ecuadorian transport style, and we reached the orange and green buildings. Some of the bigger children were busy with the staff to bake a cake! It was one of the gils` birthday! Marco felt at home soon, as he got a very big hug, from the lady overlooking everything. Love was flowing around that table, with the girls hanging around to share in the excitement.

Jeff took us to the babies and little kids room, and it nearly broke my heart. I saw the baby who came to them a little while ago, only three days old. He gave us all a wide smile. I touched another little baby`s head, and I held it for a while, praying in my heart. He has brain damage, and is being loved by this special people.  Apparently life in the jungle where the tribes live, are not for the weak. If a mother gives birth to a baby with a health problem, there is no place for it in the jungle, and she is expected to take him away, and not to return with the baby. Some of those children ended up here.

Jeff proudly showed us the school, they built and are still completing! It was beautiful, and wonderful to know that these children do get a second chance.

 Marco found a globe, and eagerly he showed Jesse and Aby the way we sailed from South-Africa with our Catlyn, over the oceans!

There are also dams they built with tilapia, to supply their own fresh fish in the near future.

We left the orphanage with a soft thankful prayer for wonderful people. Marco stayed for the afternoon, playing ultimate frizbee, and ended up with a swollen upperlip where this thing hit him! But he had such good fun, and a life experience.

Jacob, an American volunteer, joined them as a physio-therapist in training for two months, was leaving in a couple of days, and we went with for dinner to say hello and goodbye to him.

We left Shell and the Freeman family, thankful for a special time with them. If you would like to read more about them and this orphanage, Casa de Fe, this is their websites and blogs...


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