Saturday, October 20, 2012


Cruz Del Sur in Puria
We weren`t overly excited to see the rest of Peru, but we got onto the bus to Lima! We were booked on Cruz del Sur busses, the luxury ones, and we were really impressed. After dodging a couple of cars the previous ride we decided to go for a better and more expensive bus service, and they guarentee keeping within the speed limit!

We couldn`t get seats in the best section at the lower level, but the green lazy boys were great. We kicked them out, and could enjoy a very relaxing ride to Lima.

We received dinner and breakfast on the bus, which was really edible, with tea and coffee and there was cold drinks to buy as well.

 We took some extra snacks  and water for the road, and I would recommend that. Our seats were right at the back of the bus close to the toilets, and we were worried  that it would bother us, but with our dicey stomachs it was a blessing.

Marco found a friend again, and they played and drew pictures in a universal Spanish!

It was fifteen hours but it didn`t feel so long. We were enjoying the Spanish movies with English subtitles, and slept very well! The terminal at Lima looked like a small airport, with boarding gates and luggage stations and a cafeteria. Quite impressive!

We reached our hotel for a hot shower, and a soft bed. Lima was a huge city and tomorrow we will go and enjoy civilization again!

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