Saturday, October 20, 2012

Miraflores, Lima

It was a holiday in Peru, and we headed for the Mall right by the sea! We were impressed with its architecture and all the nice restaurants.

Larcomar Mall, Miraflores, Lima
It was flooded with people because of the holiday. We strolled along the foot paths and enjoyed the scenery. It was wonderful to look at the big ocean again, and our hearts filled with envy when we saw a sail yacht in the distance.

It is a nice area to enjoy the many parks and the chance to sky dive as well!

The next day we explored the streets with many shops, quite upmarket, and lots of  Peruvian markets.

I would love to share with you this story! Johan was looking for a pair of thick cotton socks for his boots, and I was looking for a long sleeve sweater for Marco because all his long sleeves are starting to look like three quarters now. We found a big shop with a nice variety, and soon Johan found his pair of socks and I found a nice blue sweater and a T-shirt for Marco. But I saw a nice top for myself, and wanted to try that on, and I just left Marco`s stuff right there on a heap of clothes to fetch it later. the top wasn`t as nice as I thouhgt it would be, and I returned to the stall where I left Marco`s stuff, only to find that it was no longer there!

Now you must understand that it took me quite some time and some searching to find his size and a long sleeve, and when I went back to see if there was another, I couldn`t find one! I was upset, and I can just imagine my cheeks turning red. To top everything, the guy at this specific stall was not the most cleverest sales person, and we battled to understood each other.

But before I continue my story, in this shop, you pay at a counter, and then you get a receipt, and then you return to the specific stall, and the sales person will give you your parcel. So Johan already paid, but he was waiting for me to find my stuff and to pay, before we could collect and leave the store together. And of course, I was flushed and still searching. A man came up to me, and heard my predicament, and very gently went with me, to all the stalls, and to explain to the sales people in Spanish what I wanted. I could speak to him in English, and he really tried for how long to find Marco`s stuff, but alas!

We decided to get Johan`s socks and to let it be! Marco doesn`t look to bad in his three quarters anyway!

Thanking this gentlemen sincerely, he smiled and bend down to show us his bare feet with blisters in his very worn shoes! If only he had a pair of socks! Johan looked at ne, and politely dugged into his pocket, and gave this man his receipt for his socks! He took him to the specific stall, and the sales lady handed the man a packet with Johan`s thick cotton socks!

He was a happy man, and we left the shop with nothing in our hands, but a sincere hug and a lovely story in our hearts!

Miraflores Wiki Link :,_Peru)

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Sarah said...

Hi Marlene,

Glad to hear you made it to Lima alright. And great shopping story - too bad you didn't end up finding a long sleeve for Marco.

I seem to have lost your little paper with your emails! I'm sorry. Please write me at mine: Rider never ended up showing later that day. I was/am still upset we didn't get a chance to talk to him. But we kept the bags and ended up giving them to the taxi driver who took us to the bus station later that night!