Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jacare Yacht Village

We anchored infront of Jacare Yacht Village with about 10 yachts on anchor,  and a few on the pontoons.  The holding ground wasn`t too bad,  although a yacht dragged early morning.  I think the tide is so strong and accompanied with the wind,  that it puts the anchor under a lot of stress.  We paid 100 reals/R400 per week to make use of the dinghy dock.  There is shower and laundry facilities and a restaurant and wifi.  The evening we went to the Yacht Club and met a lot of yachties,  enjoying strong caipirinhas,  with the French,  the Germans, the Dutch and Canadians.  Before long it was a buzz of stories...

Johan and I walked to the Police Federal the next morning,  while Marco joined his long lost French friends and Joe checked out the internet facilities at  the Marina.  After quite a walk the paper work went smoothly.  You can buy fresh bread and drinking water and just the necessities from a little shop up the street.  We gave our empty gas bottle in at the Yacht Club,  because we miss our little braai.  As soon as we receive it back,  I`ll be able to tell you the cost,  because the boys didn`t ask.

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