Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Awaiting in Grenada!

Since we sailed away from our country, we haven`t seen family, except when we went to visit our son, Jaco in Florida for a couple of days. And now we are anchored in Prickley Bay, waiting for my little brother, not so little or young anymore, with his family! We left Prickley Bay, the other day with Margaretha, our South-African friend and sailed to Grand Anse Bay.  The only thing that is left is the memory of this lovely friend, and a photo of the rusks she made us!

We are taking an afternoon nap, because it is a very long time since we had two little ones in our lifes, never mind on our yacht! Marco is counting the hours, and whithin a couple we will be able to hug and kiss family! We left Grand Anse Bay this morning, and went to St George the day before.  We found the street market with fresh stuff, and at Budget Marine a couple of things we needed for Catlyn. At the counter, ready to pay, we were asked for our boat registration and customs papers, which of course we didn`t have with us. If you can`t produce those, you are charged with the custom duties of an extra 51%  Empty handed we went back to Catlyn until after Easter Monday. We have to handle our manual toilet with gentle care...it needs a seal or something!

Marco got dressed early this morning to impress the family....
Soon I will introduce you to my family and the fun we going to have! Memories for heaven!

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Enjoy these precious moments when they come xxx