Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Family Fun!

They were in the dinghy! The first load arrived with Joe and the two beautiful blonde girls, Anriette and Minjone with a load of luggage. The second load arrived with Hardu, my brother and some more luggage! What a special load of love!

Joe went to fetch them at the airport, and they enjoyed the drive packed in the local taxi with no shock absorbers.  We spend the night with lots of laughter and stories, as if we haven`t been apart for years.

With a couple of ginger tablets each the next morning,  they soon were up and running.  We lifted  anchor and sailed to Grand Anse Bay.  We decided to spend a lazy day on the beach.

  I found a tree for the whole family with a lot of shade, and the men made sure the towels were occupied.  After building sand castles and chasing crabs on a very Easter Monday beach, we found the men very relaxed with a very suspicious smell hanging around them.  The group under the tree right behind them were smoking a bit, and the fumes were heading straight for our men, and while sleeping they didn`t realize how well they are actually sleeping. We succeeded getting them from  under the tree, but Johan continued his sleepiness on the dinghy…. 

Hardu tried to find some security in the first tree he could hang on to...

It was so wonderful to have the little feet running around on Catlyn!

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