Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Caribbean - Bequia

The family is slowly getting used to life on a boat. Anriette really took to it quite easily, grooming and washing at the back of the boat.  Hardu still complains a bit about the limited time in the shower. Little Luhan is the only one turning green a bit, until the fresh air blows it away. 

Minjone is the little mermaid on Catlyn!

Bequia was our next destination, Admiralty Bay, Port Elizabeth.  It is a little island with an active whaling station, and local whalers can take up to four whales a year. Some years they don`t get any, trying very hard with their hand-thrown harpoons.

Front : Me, Luhan, Marco, Minjone      Back: Johan, Anriette, Hardu and Joe
We walked the little town, enjoying the quaint hotels and restaurants on the beach and the lovely walkway along the beach Gingerbread, was my favorite,

with the white piano proudly waiting for fingers in the restaurant.  Whaleboner  Bar was Anriette`s favorite.
When I visit some of the beautiful places, my heart aches when it is strewn with litter!  While walking with my ice cream wrapper in my hand, I was searching for a rubbish bin, but couldn`t find any, and the one I found was overflowing! 
We heard about an old fort uphill, and after quite an uphill walk we could enjoy the beautiful scenery of various islands,

and the old canons came alive again in the imagination of the kids as they fired them away with the Cappi orders!

Thank goodness for the chilled cold taste of Carib, not that I like the bitter taste of beer, but the buffalo wings and French fries was delicious.

We were craving something sweet, and the lollipops were the best we could find.

 It was not good and sweet enough for Anriette, but luckily her brother in law came to her rescue with her namesake...Anna, condensed milk!  I have to tell you that we only had a chance to take the photo, after that the can disappeared...

We found a distributor somewhere along the road, and the men stocked up on the local beer, Hairoun, quite a nice beer. For some reason my brother carried the pack with a smile on his face!

He was ready for something refreshing with the huge dorado(mahe mahe) Marco caught on our way! It was quite a thrill to see this beautiful fish gliding through the water, almost too beautiful to come aboard.

As soon as we reached Catlyn, quick decisions were made, and we were lifting anchor after Johan rushed to Immigration with all our passports, on our way to St Vincent!

Luhan and Minjone - Luhan the Carib way "Peace Mon, peace...."

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