Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Budget Marine, Grenada

Reality! We still needed a spare for our manual toilet, and the four of us, got into the taxi. A very full taxi, but when we said that we will wait for the next one they assured us that there is enough space for the four of us, because some of the people are getting out now! We stepped aside, to allow the` people’ to get out, but only one person got out!  We squeezed in, with our not so tiny pure bred South-African men! 

 De Big Fish Restaurant was our first destination, because we forgot our back pack on the jetty two nights before when Joe fetched the family. With all the excitement no one saw the blue bag left behind in the dark, with our E book reader and our hand held VHF. The girl at the reception kept our bag with our hand held, but our E Book disappeared. We were so grateful just for that, we decided to stay for a Carib beer.
 We didn`t find the spare part at Budget Marine, and took the taxi back to the Spice Mall with a lovely supermarket for fresh bread and milk. I found  long life milk for a reasonable price, and with our little ones emptying a two liter a day, I stocked up, and I knew that my brother was there to carry the heavy load all the way back to Catlyn!


Not used to carry shopping for a couple of kilometers along the beach, he complained all the way! To help him out of his misery, we stopped at every little beach bar for a cold beer!

That is where we met Ian. He is a local Granadian dressed in his smart suit pants, and after a while he entertained us with his company and his miracle oil!

Anriette and I got a compliment, I think!  He sat there, very smooth, telling us that we are a hundred percent NOT UGLY!  I am still not sure. Hardu bought the miracle oil, because he said, you do not have to believe in this oil, it works, even without faith! My brothers kind of oil!  Eventually the milk and the heavy shopping bags made it back to the yacht!

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