Saturday, April 28, 2012

St Lucia - Soufriere

We loved St. Vincent, and it was obvious how clean the island was! All over the island were rubbish bins and prominent billboards encouraging the people to stop littering and to clean up! What a difference to Bequia. At first light the engines of Catlyn got us all out of bed, and we freed Catlyn from the buoy (Blue Lagoon Bay).

Blue Lagoon, St Vincent

In the distance we could see the two towering Pitons, and my poor brother battled to get used to the slow progress on a yacht! We prayed for a good breeze of 20 plus knots, but we suffered slowly forward with hardly any good wind. We reached St Lucia, passed the Pitons on our way to the little town, Soufriere, for our stamps in our passports.

A very fast local boat gave us a lift to town, and our three girls sneaked away.

This little town was the first in St Lucia, and I could see it in the old buildings struggling to survive the elements and human neglect. Poverty was all over the town, and it was only in the curious shop that I felt comfortable. We walked in the steps of slaves in the courtyard, Queen Elizabeth the Seconds`. This square was built in front of the little church, and I could stand on the spot where the guillotine took so many heads in 1795, and after that the slaves were sold here.

A young man, the boss of the curious shop spoke very well English, and told us about the transport and volcano and all the other places we need to visit. We found what we were looking for, and took the fast boat back to Catlyn. Malcolm, recommended by the Immigration officer as trustworthy, offered us a buoy at 50EC for the night. He warned us to lock away our valuables. We left for our buoy between the Pitons, Petit Piton and Grande Piton! You are not allowed to anchor in this Natural Park.

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