Thursday, April 26, 2012

St Vincent

The day started in its full golden glory, only to give up the battle against the grey clouds and the soft rain. We wanted to walk up to the volcano, but were told, rather not with the little ones, so we opted to visit the Darkview Falls. Again we stacked a local bus, the much cheaper version of transport, and after too much giggling we reached town.

 Kingstown is the capital, a real authentic town, rough edges and all. We took another bus to the Waterfall at the taxi rank in town. After hopping around in the mini-van for an hour, although it felt much longer, we were dropped at a junction with directions to the Falls.

We walked a pleasant walk, and stopped at the donkey enjoying the mangoes, and shared some with him. 

The only effort was to get the mangoes down from high up the tree, but all it needed was a feminine push!

The waterfall was unbelievably beautiful! I hope the photos can share the beauty with you. Thanks to God for Nature, to strike me with a humbleness in front of one of His creations.

Craving for a soft serve for ever, we heard a tinkling musical noise, and remembered the big ice cream trucks on a Sunday afternoon coming down the streets in our country, filled with soft serve ice cream and a flake in the middle.  It was not long before the sound came down this empty road snaking through the forest.  The girl who worked at the entrance of the falls, who accompanied us into town after her day at work, told us that it is indeed the ice cream truck!  It stopped, and we enjoyed the buckets full of ice cream with our new friend.

The drive back to town was just as adventures and it was a challenge to stay in your seat. Luckily my brother got squeezed between two even bigger locals, keeping him in a very tight spot!

We ended a great day, laughing it away, with a great hunger, at Pizza Hut! We were close to heaven! Pizza heaven!

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