Thursday, April 19, 2012

Leaving for Carriacou

We spend our last day in Grenada, enjoying a local Taxi to the Annandale Waterfall. The fee for the local taxi, filled to the brim with the eight of us squeezing in, was only 2,50 EC$ (about 50 Euro cents) per person, and a tour bus operator offered us the trip to the same waterfall for 25 Euro! 

 It is a scenic waterfall with beautiful gardens, nicely groomed and labeled. 

Marco, Joe, Luhan, Minjone


At the entrance a very happy man sang his song, and for the second time in the Caribbean, I think I received a compliment…he called me J Lo! I am sure I am getting brainwashed by our yacht, Catlyn with her voluptuous ‘derrierre! ’

The spice market and fruit market  was good to see, but the prices was no bargain! I think all the huge cruise ships loaded with all the tourists with their thick wallets spoil it for our yachties. It was my brothers turn to prepare lunch, so we ended the day in Subway.

We lifted the anchor and were heading for Carriacou, Tyrrel bay.  The anchorage was good and we were heading for the beach with the little ones.

The men had a beer at a bar on the beach, the little boys enjoyed the sand and the sea, and the girls enjoyed the sun under their wide sun hats! 

 It was a very quiet beach and we decided to stay another night.  The walk on the beach was lovely and we found beautiful shells, but the locals told us, that it is demon shells, called Michael Jackson demons! I didn`t ask why the poor beautiful shells were called that, but if you see all the heaps of shells discarded on the beach in every corner, the locals truly believe that. 

 After playing hop scotch on the beach, keeping the little ones busy, Hardu and Anriette took the canoes and rowed to the lagoon among the mangroves.

They said it was beautiful, but the mozzies chased them out of the mangroves too soon. Luhan, their little one took us back with our dinghy, after a beautiful peaceful sunset on the beach.

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