Wednesday, April 25, 2012

St. Vincent - Blue Lagoon

Sunsail Base in Blue Lagoon Bay

The sail to St.Vincent was great! We sailed with the main up and the genoa flying. Ahead of us the dark clouds were hanging and we knew that we have to hurry into the Blue Lagoon bay for shelter. But we were showered with rain pouring down on us. The clouds crept closer, and luckily we had the rain catcher up, and our tanks were getting filled with lovely fresh water. We needed drinking water, because Hardu was still battling to get used to the desalinated seawater. Our human rain catchers had empty bottles, empty containers, empty anything in their hands to collect drinking water from heaven! Luhan had great fun, and his mom Anriette could only find a wine glass that is till empty on Catlyn!

Blue Lagoon Bay was our best option for the night. With a rolly sea we decided to take up a buoy. A very happy man, Michael showed us a bouy right in the western side, very protected, and I could see the relieve on everyones faces. We paid 15US$ for the night, and then Michael spoke the magical words! " That includes showers!" I`ve never seen my little sister jump with pure joy by the thought of a warm shower, for as long as she wanted, her first in a week! We were eight people aboard, and we were running our Little Wonder constantly, and we had precious moments of laughter shutting down the fresh water pump when my brother stopped counting while in the shower! If you want to sail with us, you have to live like us...

Catlyn was hardly secured to the bouy, or my family were armoured with shower gel, shampoo,  for a well deserved shower, and into the dinghy they went! Too soon we heard the roar of the dinghy engine, and the clean bright faces of six people came around the corner, only to tell us, that there were so many French people waiting to shower, they had to rush through the lovely warm water!  I fell for it, and had a weak moment of belief, only to stand in an ice cold shower moments later! No wonder the little Minjone was shocked because there was only one faucet in the showers!  Welcome to the life of our Yachties! We were clean and fresh at least and we had a good nights sleep!

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