Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter in Grenada!

Do you still believe in the Easter Bunny?  Marco does! He knows if you stop believing the magic just disappear....and the same counts for the Tooth Mouse from SA, and if we are elsewhere on the ocean, the Tooth fairy will do.  And in the meantime while Marco was waiting anxiously for the Bunny, I had a chat on Facebook with a little person, Natasha from Nauti-cat, an Admiral catamaran in Trinidad.

'Ah come on,' she said, 'My mom is the Easter Bunny. There is no such thing as a real bunny!' she cheaked me. And she carried on, quite upset with me, for ruining her grown up reasoning, but soon I had her going with what if you still believe in the magic, don`t you think he might still exist?  And why does he only come to little people and not to me?  She assured me that I was too tall and too big, and that he only comes to children 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 years old and she is 9! I wondered if that excludes her, but I didn`t ask, I got her back into the Magic!  I asked her if Grenada has an Easter Bunny, because Marco is here? I asked her if the Bunny will come to Marco, he is 11? Very quickly she assured me, that there must be a Bunny, and Marco is not too big, only me!  She was rolling now, and a bit agitated with me,  as if I do not want to believe! ' My friend saw the Bunny, for real!' she said.

I asked her whether she know that the Bunny likes a clean room when he comes to visit with his Easter Eggs. (I like a clean room and would do a lot of tricks to get my kids to do that, so I thought of helping her mommy a bit)  But I didn`t expect the reply. She came back in despair. her room was a mess, and there is nothing she can do about it, her Dad turned her room upside down, working on something in the yacht, and there is just no way she will be able to get him out of there and to clean up the mess in time for the Bunny! My heart went out to this little girl, knowing how our boat looks like when the bedding is upside down and everything has to be moved....messy!

She went even further, and told me that she will not be in her bed tonight, and the Bunny won`t know where she is, because she might have to sleep with her mommy or on a cushion....!  Oh dear, what have I started. I prayed for more magic, and it came. 'Relax my dear, the Bunny knows all these things and he only wants you to be a happy and a loving little girl and put a smile on your face, think happy thoughts and go help your mommy with whatever she may need! "Relax!" she said. I relax!  And off she went....

The Bunny did come! The next morning her facebook was filled with joy about Easter eggs, 8 of them and a very big one in the fridge! Even Marco found a riddle. and he found his chocolate treat hidden on the anchor! And a glass full of a treat from his Dad! It seems like Grenada doesn`t have the custom to do the eggs thing!  They are no where to be seen here!  Thank you for the magic of life!

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