Friday, April 20, 2012

Tabago Cays

All of us were happy to set sail after a rough night at Salt Whistle Bay.  Tobago Cays was our next anchorage.  It is beautiful, but still the swells were choppy. 

A very friendly man with his boat knocked on Catlyn, and we met Mr. Quality! He displayed his whole shop to eager shoppers aboard, and Hardu treated us on a Tobago Cays each!

Everybody went to the beach the next morning, Hardu and Anriette took the little ones with the canoes,

 and Joe and Marco followed with the dinghy.  I took the time to clean Catlyn, and to get my little washing machine going, to spoil my sister on holiday. They had a great day, and climbed the hill to the top for a beautiful view. 

 They saw iguanas spitting them, 

 and in the crystal blue water the huge turtles were lifting their heads every now and then.  They returned to a clean home and the smell of barbequed tuna!

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