Friday, April 20, 2012

Sandy Island, so beautiful!

After a short sail, we anchored at Sandy Island! What an amazingly beautiful little strip of land with golden sand, our own private swimming pool, and coral sculptures in their natural beauty. 

To the boys delight, Yacht Jangles, also from South Africa, anchored close to us!  Friends! 

We spend the day snorkeling, laying in the warm shallow water, scrubbing our feet and each other`s, building our own unique coral sculptures.

Marco and Rebecca also built a sculpture, leaving their mark of friendship on Sandy Island. 

 Ian and Lesley (Jangles) joined us in our swimming pool, with an ice cold beer.

 We saw beautiful coral and little fish, and we had a very angry fish biting our feet every time we stuck our feet in the water! Believe me, it was not just a nibble, it was quite a bite! I am sure we were in his area or something he wanted to protect. Little Minjone ended her day under her teepee tent I made of towel…playing with mermaids in her dreams.

Catlyn and Jangles at anchor

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sandy said...

I know another little island in the BVI called Sandy's spit. I wonder why all this beautiful islands were named after me????

Luv you