Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bastimentos Island, Bocas Bound Hostel

The four days on this beautiful island went by too quickly, and we tried to savor every minute! Like the sloths living on the island, just hanging around, moving from green leave to green leave, I wished we could just move from sun spot to sun spot, being together…..

‘ Hmmm, isn`t that exactly what we all are doing?’ I wonder.

The sea was green and warm and we played in the waves, lazy in the sun on the beach, dreamed in the shade of the mangroves…. And every night we played! Knock-knock was the game we taught the Germans, and pool was the game Joe played with the girls?

We had so much fun, having loads of time to talk, to think….and of course I found my spot…

We were invited by the German young people for dinner, and shared their pot filled with rice and diced onions and carrots. You can just imagine Johan`s frustration with no supermarket on the island, and no supplies to cook for all these people in the blue communal kitchen! We shared our tin of sardines and mussels on dry salty crackers, and taught an ex- Vegetarian German the secrets of Mussels! We went to bed, thrilled with being alive, and crawled into our beds after sharing a can of condensed milk and maraschino cherries…


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