Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bocas del Torro, Panama

It was the day after Xmas, we were packed, again! Janlie hasn`t been touched by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, ever, and we had to share that with her. Only with our backpacks we got into a shuttle and enjoyed the ride for almost four hours to Bocas. It was hot and humid, and I loved it! Bocas, Almirante was dirty and we were shocked to see the state of the water. Houses on stilts were built in the water, and the people lived in this dirt. Still amazed at the pollution, we sat waiting for the water taxi.

Three local men, were eating their lunch, wrapped in white paper and plastic, and the first one finished his, only to drop the rubbish right there in the water, right in front of us. We sat there, shocked, watching the white of the paper and the plastic bag floating passed our feet…. It was too much! Johan stood up, walked over, and politely asked them not to throw their rubbish in the water, asking them why? They finished the rest of their lunch, looked over to us, laughing, and mockingly threw the rubbish in the water. We sat, watching the white of the paper, and the two plastic bags drifting…..and saw the three men, emptying their pockets of everything inside, and dropping it into the water…. We left with the taxi, filled with a little bit of despair as we passed the open toilets of every little shack, dropping into the same water…. After a while reaching the open water, the dirt stayed behind with the humans, suffocating them, and the Ocean tried to safe itself, as the water started clearing up.

We pretended to forget, we wanted to see the beauty in the mangroves and the many islands. We reached Bastimentos, and longingly saw the yachts on anchor… It was clean and a beautiful island! A tropical island for Janlie!

We were booked into the hostel, Bocas Bound, and giggled as we unpacked our stuff into the four lockers, choosing our bed for the night in the dorm with 12 beds!

Johan did try to get us a private room somewhere on the island, but luckily there was none! I loved this, sleeping on the top bunker bed, with my whole family all around me. I loved waiting for the other young people to finish off in the shower, or the kitchen. I loved sharing this world!

The communal room was great with the restaurant and bar, and pool tables and table tennis, and thick cushions on the couch!


We were living among and around each other. Waking up and going to bed with all these young people! We loved it, and the kids loved it, meeting young people with young people`s dreams from all over the world! Germans, French, Dutch, Costa Ricans…and five South-Africans!

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