Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Love Life in Santo Domingo!

We were busy. Joe was working hard on the website for the guesthouse, here is the link to his creation www.hostellastablas.com  Johan was playing accountant, Marco was stuck in the house with a very sore throat and swollen glands, and Janlie and I enjoyed shopping in the town only a short distance away with the taxi`s. She loved the clothes in the shops, and we went home with something nice every time.

Johan was still the main chef in the house, to the delight of the children, and especially, Janlie, missing her Dad`s food.

By now the neighbor, Davellis has smelt the gorgeous smells coming from our little house, and sit down every now and then for a taste of our South-African way of cooking.

She invited us on Sunday for a tipico Panamanian meal, with chicken and soup, and we found the Canadian Italian, Lorenzo, and Canadian French women, Huguete, also enjoying lunch with us.

They have a house on the beach, and we popped in one day to say hello, with the two sisters, showing us around.


Huguete, Lorenzo, Marco, Diavellis, Dialis, Janlie, Joe, Johan

This was the beginning of a ritual. We will cook something nice, and send a plate over to Diavellis and her mother next door, and soon they will send us a plate to taste their food. This was fun! Soon they  tasted Johan`s Thai Fried Rice, and came into our kitchen, hugging him! “RRico, RRico!” It must have been really good, because the next morning they came to fetch him to cook, Thai Fried Rice in their kitchen! I dragged along, being Johan`s translator….although this was not new for me, you know, always talking so much….   Olga, her ‘secretary’ was getting the rice ready,

while we were sipping on her home made sangria. There,  Johan was in her kitchen, cooking in Afrikaans, and she was loving it in Spanish!
She laughed when I told her, that I am the ‘Chica’ only for ‘comida (eating), but soon I realized that she wasn`t keen on cooking either, and we became the ‘two chicas por comida!’  I took this photo in her kitchen with the lovely smell of the rice filling the air, and she quickly went searching for an apron, brand new in a drawer, and a red cloth to hang onto the pot!

We shared food around a table, with not a lot of words, but a lot of laughter. Love and good filled said more than words, and even Johan made a Spanish joke!  He left her in her house with his words….Mi cosco, su cosco! (My kitchen, your kitchen!) 

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