Monday, January 21, 2013

Desfile de las Mil Polleras!

We were preparing for this festival with the whole of Santo Domingo! The Festival of a Thousand Polleras!  And by now, you know the traditional dress of Panama, the Pollera (Pojera).  The women were walking around with their hair set in colorful curlers, and the children were walking around delivering a freshly ironed linen embroidered shirt to a house. And our dear neighbors were busy preparing us for their festival! Janlie had to go over to Dalise, the sister in town a couple of times, and Diavellis, next door was smiling all the way.


It was the morning of the festival, and Janlie got dressed up in a tipico Panamanian blouse, and colorful beads in her hair, and they found a beautiful linen embroidered dress for me in a cupboard.

They hanged us with jewelry, and even our other neighbor came over to put a golden comb in my hair, and a chain around Janlie`s neck. Our men in the house dressed up in their only long pants and a nice shirt, and Joe got a sombrero from Hector, and we bundled into Diavellis car, off to the festival!

What a beautiful experience, with the song and dance of Panama, and the most beautiful women and girls dressed in their Polleras!

The streets were filled with the people, not minding the heat of the sun baking down, only enjoying the parade.

We snacked away on the ice, sliced into a cup with condensed milk and sugar sweet flavorant.

We even got a glimpse and a friendly wave from the President of Panama, not having difficulty spotting the only two blondes in the crowd! 

We were told that people have seen us on their TV`s….enjoying Panamanian Life!

Standing on the corner, the four of us, beautiful women among more beautiful women shared a wonderful day. 

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