Friday, January 18, 2013

Santo Domingo

Oh yes, my Espanol is growing rapido! With our neighbors, there is no sympathy for someone with limited Espanol! Joe and I are forced to listen, and forced to speak, there are just too much to miss not to understand. Our dear neighbor, Diavellis, is a professor, and her sister, Dalise, a teacher, and she comfortably forgets that my Espanol is still limited. By now she knows to slow down, and I don`t have to calm her down with, ‘despacio’, but after repeating herself, and still looking at my dumb vague expression on my face, she clicks her tongue and walks away! Oh, I just love her!
Janlie and Davellis
Diavellis lives on our left, and the Negro`s on our right. I don`t know what their real name is, but that is what they are called here.

Janlie and I walked with Diavellis to meet everyone in the little town of 3670 inhabitants, and I was fascinated by the old people sitting doing the most beautiful embroidery for the “polleras”.  We spend time with the lady renting and selling the traditional dress of Panama. I loved the linen dresses, and wished I could sneak one into my bag for real life one day.

As we walked over to a house still with walls of mud, and raw cement floors, I met a wrinkly lady, 94 years young, and she laughed and showed me how she works every day making the lace inserts for the “camisettas’ and dresses. Her fingers were so use to the wooden pens, clicking away to weave a beautiful pattern. This tradition is carried over from generation to generation. I felt so poor, being a South-African women, with no tradition left to teach my grandchildren one day.

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