Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Las Tablas, Panama

And then we were on the move again! What am I going to do when I am back home not moving anymore? With a truck load of luggage we got into our shuttle, ready and excited for the four hours to Santo Domingo, the very small town, close to Las Tablas.

We drove to this area a month before, and we loved the tranquility and green pastures of the farms with the white Brahman`s roaming the fields. That was the time we stayed in Martha`s Guesthouse, La Casita de Los Kimmel. She welcomed us with a glass of wine and snacks, and we felt at home sitting around the table. She is originally from Panama, but because she lived in the USA for some time, we could speak English. We were looking for a place to stay in the area for January, and her friend, Carlos showed us a little house on the plaza belonging to a doctor.

I peeked through the slit of the curtains, and fell in love with the little house. This is where I want to stay with my family, in this two bedroom house, among the people. Everything felt so right! And this was where the shuttle stopped, and we opened the door to our new home for the next month! It was small and cozy, and the kids were bundled into one bedroom, and we had our room. The kitchen was small with only the necessities, the lounge had a two-seater couch, and some rocking chairs, and a table for dinner. And a bathroom with a cold shower, and when the electrical wires hanging around made a short circuit, you were spoiled with slightly hot water! Our home! But I felt it! Love was overflowing and each one of us was touched by the healing of our home. Our neighbors came out onto their patios, and greeted us, so happy for new happenings in their neighborhood, but the ‘poco Espanol’ (little Spanish) got stuck in my throat! No need for language….we laughed and hugged each other, like neighbors coming home…..


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