Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Saying good bye too soon!

A month has passed too quickly, and we were trying to drink up all the love to keep us for the next three months, until we see each other again. She gave me a manicure, she plaited my hair in hundreds of little strings, she baked us her banana bread,

 and I made her, her favorite South-African  ‘melkkos’ ( milk dish), and she flew Marco`s kite with him on the square! And she sat with us, teaching our Spanish neighbor to play Uno, the card game! And we laughed and we played…

The mall in Chitre was the place to be, and we enjoyed a big plate of papa fritas and carne(chips

and meats) together,

and I was delighted to find a barber to cut Johan`s hair! Check out the hair of previous heads on the floor around his feet, but for 2,50$, he sat quietly.

We  enjoyed soft creamy muffins,  and then we said goodbye! And she flew to her brother, Jaco in Florida for a week of fun, before returning to her studies in Stellenbosch, SA. Good bye, our Girl, and Good Luck!

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