Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our home on the Plaza

We lived in so many places over these past three years, and still this little home, is making a memory forever!  We get up in the morning with a cup of tea, and then wait for one of us to motivate the rest to get into their gym clothes, and then we start our insanely Insanity program! The patio at the back of the house, is just big enough for the five of us, sweating and jumping around, as soon as when we moved all the furniture into the garden.  I move around and jump around more than usual, hoping the mozzies will slide down from my sweaty body!

Breakfast and the cold water in the shower come next, and then everyone start his own day.  Joe is busy doing a website for a guesthouse, just finished off a website for a property in New Zealand…….., making sure he has his travel budget for the next six months.
Johan is making plans for our going home to our country! Soon I will let you into that!

Janlie is soul searching, and reading and loving the sun and the two of us love sharing the special moments of time lost between us!

And Marco, battling to find a chance to get onto a computer between his working father and big brother, to play his games, and lost without Internet in the house. But still happy to know that he is still on his permanent holiday!

Good news for me is, that with a lot of help, Brainline send the CD for next year to my sister in law,  Anriette, and she is taking it to our friend, Margaretha, who is flying back to Trinidad, to her home.  For the first time in a long time, Marco will start school on the scheduled time, hmmm, close to his scheduled time…his teacher has to enjoy her Carnival first!


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