Tuesday, April 2, 2013

British Virgin Islands!


I was on my way to here! The BVI!  And I wondered where the Virgins came in? It was not me, sorry, it was the 1100 nuns who were killed  near Cologne during the Crusade in the 5th century, and Christopher Columbus just couldn`t  imagine himself naming more than a thousand islands one by one…

We sailed through the shallow reefs, in crystal blue water, and it was good training navigating and trusting equipment. But all the channels were nicely marked. Marco kept an watchful eye!

I felt like a little lone brown pelican looking for a spot, a spot not to be spotted. I felt lost, lost among lots of yachts, lots of people, and more yachts and more people.

We dropped anchor at Virgin Gorda, another virgin, and after customs and immigration, we were off to a bay, Leverick Bay. It was calm among many yachts, and we heard about a place to have a fun. Five pirates left Seismic Wave, prepared to the teeth for a good time!

Mr. Mike Bean was waiting for us, in his ‘ Arrr Bar!’ We enjoyed a painless evening with ‘Painkillers’ and complimented his music with home made shakers. ( Nick and Sandy…shared with you!)

Of course we had to blow the conch shell, but it was not so easy, and the crowd laughed at us only getting a conch ‘fart!’

Marco ended up on the stage with some girls, shaking and laughing the night away!

If only I could be a pirate….

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