Friday, April 12, 2013


Francis Bay.

The weather changed and the boat was washed down with fresh water! But it was not so good for the visibility going snorkeling around the islands. We went for a hike to a famous Camping site, long ago lost in the elements with no tender care….but loved the hike, climbing over the rocks, following our guide, Marco. I picked up the most beautiful piece of jewelry, and one day you will see it around my neck….With Love, to Me…

We found Leinster Bay the next day, with a little bit of a promise of a better day today, as the sun peeked through the patches of blue. The water was still chilly, as we dove down, but it was so beautiful! From all the places we snorkeled since we came here, this was spectacular! New fish invited us into their World, French and Queen Angelfish! And we swam above a lazy greenback turtle feeding on the sea bed. And on his back, a huge remora! This fish was enjoying whatever the comfort of this huge turtle was giving to him. He swam lazily towards air with the turtle, only to stay away from the soft fresh air, ducking underneath the hard shell, nibbling away on something….This was truly amazing!

And on the sea bed we watched the humps of Conch shells come alive! They moved slowly, a little black creature shyly showing a little bit of himself, and then only leaving a spoor in the sand!

With blue numb hands and a nose we stumbled into the dinghy for some hot tea on the boat!

Teresa read about ruins....and we walked....and eventually Johan found one...


But not for long, before we went to the island, hiking to the ruins of the sugar mill, on Annaberg Plantation.  It was as if you could still smell the sweet overpowering scent of the molasses, and the sweat of the donkeys at the grainery, working hard. How was it even possible for sugar cane to be harvested on those steep slopes of the hills?


We left in a hurry...lifting the anchor, hoisting the sails....scared by the savages hungry for humans on the island!!!


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