Thursday, April 11, 2013

Friends in Tortola!

 A couple of things had to be done, it kept Brett and Teresa busy, and we took the opportunity to walk around in town, looking for an ice cream! We found one, delicious, two scoops on a cone for 7,50US$! It was delicious, rum and raisin for Johan and mango and sour sop for me! Sour sop! No there was nothing sour or soppy about it! It is a fruit, and it has a fruity tangy taste to it!

The markets were colorful and bright and everyone was ready for good business, because there was a huge cruise liner in the bay!

But there was a wonderful surprise waiting for us in the bay! Ercaulosa was anchored in the bay! Our friends from a long time ago! We met them in Brazil, in Itaparica, three years ago, and again met up with them in Salvation Islands. And here they were! The children

grown, but the smiles of Samual and Correen were just as loving. We spend the evening together, sharing stories…

Meeting new friends, Wayne and Michelle from SA too! And Graham and Jemma!
When we left Trinidad, Ian from Jangles said good bye to us, on his way to SA,  leaving us all the nice goodies on his yacht, and Marco and I baked Becca`s cup cakes, and he enjoyed decorating it with those two girls, Becca and Jessica`s glitter! Thx girlz!

But we had to get back to the yacht, no longer anchored but in a berth at Marina Cays. For 90 US$ for the night, no water incl. Not even the showers were included, but was available at 4$. All was still ok with me, but it was the smelliest Marina I `ve ever been too! Marco mentioned…sewerage dump!

Jarred from St. Francis who we met years ago in Saldanha, came over with his huge smile....and we loved being among so many of our own people!

 Even the cars on the island reminded us of home.....


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