Monday, April 8, 2013


Here we were! Tortola! I heard so much about this place, and here I was! We dropped anchor and I couldn`t believe all the yachts flooded with Sunsail banners, rows and rows of them! We headed for land, and walked around still amazed at all the charter yachts! We knew that somewhere there was a possibility that our friend Paul, might be here.  I got the feeling to walk a certain direction, although it didn`t make sense to Johan and Marco. But reluctantly they followed, and I saw a figure standing…..

We walked up to Paul, and hugged him close! We got onto the newly delivered yacht, and met his crew, Malcolm, and Jacob! Of course we didn`t leave empty handed, we are South Africans! Paul and Malcolm gave Johan a  KWV Brandy, and we immediately organized a thank you dinner on Seismic! And we left their yacht with a dingy filled to the brim with groceries left over from their delivery, and pots and pans for Teresa for her yacht!

This young man Jacob from America said:” I ve met many people around the World, but South Africans are truly patriotic people!!”  Hmmm, indeed, we are!  And true to who we are, not only patriotic but hospitable and lovable too, we sang Jacob a Happy born day, and lit a candle on his hamburger!

It is so special to be blessed with this life, and it is so special to be blessed with the hearts you touch, and to be touched!


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