Friday, April 12, 2013


And believe it or not..the lessons continue! Cooking fun in the galley?

and after a good meal...

I have to share this with you. In our four years living on the Big Blue, Marco never ever had to wear a life jacket! He always felt safe on Catlyn, and on our dinghy. But going into town with the dinghy, a uniformed man from the Coast Guard stopped us in the rolly waters of the Bay...( and we got totally wet just talking to him) Marco is not seventeen! He has to wear a life jacket!

We had to return to the yacht, get Marco into a red life jacket, and four life jackets for us in the dinghy. Hmmm, we were in USA waters!

Anyway...totally safe we returned to land....and enjoyed the most expensive ice creams yet!  Three small cones for five dollars each! Oh my, in my country I can buy two litres of ice cream for that! You 'll see, come and visit us!

Anyway...we enjoyed the town, It was busy, with lots of shops! But we quickly escaped that, walking up the hill! And up there, Black Beard was waiting for us! We got there and all was closed! We peaked over the gate, but a girl tapped on our shoulders and invited us in. It was great to walk among these legendary pirates. I don`t know who enjoyed it the most, me or Marco?

I saw Annie

At the age of sixteen she tracked her Irish runaway boyfriend to the BVI, and she murdered him! Then she roamed the Seas, tempting the men before she tortured and killed them....
She was caught and sentenced to death, but when the Judge found out that she was pregnant, she was saved...and she disappeared forever!

It was not Marco`s day! I will not "ground' him, I will not 'Ocean' him....he will be the Booty, if he doesn`t want to do his Homeschooling!!!
It was truly amazing! Our last get together with very special people in our lives! We said good bye to Samual and Correen, and kids, and of course the man with the golden heart, John, and we missed a kiss from Joanne! We started with these wonderful friends and they were the last to say goodbye....

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