Friday, April 12, 2013

Puerto Rico, Culebra.

We sailed into the bay at Culebra, and it was good. It was as this little place were forgotten. After the loads of yachts, the loads of people, the loads of shops and stuff, it was awesome to live this peace and calm again.

We enjoyed the walk around, and saw the freshly painted lift bridge which doesn`t lift anymore.

We walked to the airport to do the paper work, and passed an enormous new school! It was quite a surprise to see this Ecologico Spanish School without seeing a single child.

It was lunch and we sat down at the Dinghy Dock Restaurant for lovely Taco`s and a beer, and I saw another sign. Maybe it is better to use signs in this little town with hardly any people.


It was not only an island full of signs on the island....also interesting characters as I met these two charming gentlemen...

But the last sign I received summed up this little island for me.....

With that we sailed away from this little island, and I left with a little memory of Culebra...


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