Monday, April 8, 2013

BVI still!


We had wheels and the five of us, were ready for an exploring day. Teresa was our driver and she took us to breathtaking views.


Our first stop was The Baths! It was spectacular! Forty feet diameter granite  boulders were towering over the crispy clear water, forming corridors for us to snorkel through. It was like exploring an underwater world…and really working hard to find the fish around the corners.


We had our own lunch, leftovers in a wrap on the beach in the shade of the palm trees, before we got onto the Devil`s trail again.

An awesome day ended at Hog`s Haven with Mojitos and lots of peppermint leaves, and Marco and I decided to teach Teresa some good Afrikaans! “Jys n regte drol!  She got that perfectly right, knowing that it will come in handy sharing a yacht with Brett!  (For my English followers..sorry, no translation from my side! Virgin, you know!)

But it was not all fun and games, we saw the beautiful Bay of Savanna, from the rental car, and we headed for that the next morning. We had to look after the yacht, and Seismic got a good scrub!


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