Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jost van Dyke, Foxy`s!

I loved the sound of this name! I wonder whether it was the Dutch sound of it, or the robustness of the name, Jost? Or maybe it was that welcoming home feeling. Maybe I do remember….


Maybe over four hundred years ago, I was one of the seafarers, sailing into this little bay, an adventurer looking for an oasis. Maybe I fell in love with the pirate, Jost in the seventeenth century, and maybe I tried keeping him with me on this island, being a father to our little boy? I found the old cemetery, and I was looking, searching for that something…

But I found only Foxy`s!  And we met Foxy Callwood, the man with the wide smile, who started this bar in 1960! We shared a ‘painkiller’ sipping the creamy coconut milk, doused in rum, amused by the pieces of clothing left by people attached to the roof, now gathering dust to tell their age, and new ones, still bright and colorful.


I couldn`t leave a piece of my clothing this time, but I knew I left a piece of me…and then I took a piece. I found a lovely top in the nice shop, Foxy`s!

I could spend a day or two around here, and I tried to win some time relaxing and closing my eyes in the hammock for a while.


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