Saturday, April 13, 2013

San Juan, Puerto Rico!

We had a great time at Culebrita, the little island, and we enjoyed the hike on the beach, the white sand, and the climbing with Marco on the rocks to the hot pools heating up in a whole day fo sun. It was our last relaxing day on one of the white beaches in this part of the world, and we made sure of experiencing everything with all our senses!

We lifted anchor after dinner, and hoped for a good sail. But the wind let us down, and even the screecher couldn`t help us.  Some slept into the bay! About ten hours later we motor sailed into the waters of San Juan!

Very carefully we approached the entrance with the Fort in sight. It was as if you could hear the canons, the shouting of the men in their lookout posts, warning everybody of a new ship on the horizon! It was the most impressive Fort and entrance I've seen so far! No wonder everybody wanted San Juan! The Dutch, the English, and eventually USA negotiated their way in here!

Johan took her into the berth one last time, and we safely secured her lushes derierre, and the three of us got of our Catlyn....

We had two days to get all our things ready, two days to say our last goodbyes!

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