Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cruz Bay, St John.

Now we entered the US Virgin Islands! At the quaint little bay of Cruz, we found a spot to drop our anchor, and left to go to Immigration! Luck was on our side, as we stood in the line, and of course like in America, in a line, behind a yellow line. But as I said luck was on our side, as we were in line just before the charter cats, and day charters and cruisers dropped all their hundreds of guests!

I was impressed with the quality of shops, the jewelry shops, the boutiques, and for a while I forgot that we were on an island. Everything was really up market, and I enjoyed the glitz for a while


I strolled around Mangoose Junction, snugly built with stone enhancing the environment. And we walked around Wharfside Village, with bright colors, a feast for the eyes.


And we found a spot away from the colors and the buzz, sitting under a beautiful tree with soft pink flowers, and as we said hello to Joe on the Ipad, faraway in Argentinia, a soft flower fell on my head, dropping down to Marco`s and then right between us….just saying hello, I love you too! We send him  a message and one to my mother and daughter also faraway, and the big brown iguana found a way down the tree…

It was Happy Hour somewhere, and we enjoyed a couple of happy beers with Brett and Teresa!


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