Saturday, January 2, 2010

Being busy in George

We left Catlyn with mixed feelings, but leaving her behind safely, we quickly started to enjoy the road again. We decided to go to George via the Tradouw Pass. It was a breathtaking Pass and we stopped for fresh water oozing from the mountains just about 2,6km from Barrydale. Going to a very dry George we appreciated the luxury of the mountain dew filling our water bottles.
Getting into the box at home was fairly easy this time for me...a true friend sponsored me a spring clean for my house.....I only had to lit my favourite incense to be home again.

The Garden Route, for the first time since we lived there got a new meaning to us and we explored the beauty. We hiked the Kingfisher trail at Wilderness near the Ebb and Flow resort. It is really a well maintained trail and 3,6km of easy walking up to the waterfall.
To cross the Touws river we had to use the pont to pull us to the other side. What a delightful experience after living on and with everything charged by fuel or batteries! Most of the prominent trees on the trail are labeled and make the walk so special, putting a name to the knobbly trees.
And then close to home we walked with our rucksacks packed for the night under the stars.
The whole family joined in, walking to the Gwaing River, protected by the huge milk wood trees sheltering us in our sleeping bags and hammocks. We bathed with our Palmolive soap in the river, and made sure the men in our company were clean. In the big yellow wood trees we saw the nest of the two fish eagles who woke us the next morning at five. I spent the whole night next to the fire, listening to my family sleeping, breathing in the night air, all under one sky roof filled with the love of being alive and loved, almost like seven years ago, when we slept seven in one room because of our own fear.


The long arms of the Milk wood trees protecting us and keeping us safe for the night!

In your arms we snug
lying there without a rug
souls mingling into your branches
taking on life, our chances
under the stars we lie
in our hearts we cry
for the loss of love
trying to find some...above
only to find some...inside.


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