Saturday, January 16, 2010

Living in Port Owen

We are trying very hard to create a normal atmosphere for our family. We wake up in the morning about 6h30 to the sounds of what's happening around us. Usually it is the seagulls waking us or Mother Duck with her three surviving ducklings quacking around the yachts, and then the whistling sound of the kettle telling us that Janlie is on her way with our coffee. Johan will have his laptop already in his lap and I will enjoy the opportunity with a book or my needlework. Janlie will go jogging and Marco will be in front of his computer and Johan jr will get busy with his Math. I will make an omelet or French toast or sometimes it's just a bowl of cereal for the family. Every one will keep busy with their own things, and that will give me time to spend with Marco. We are busy with time tables and revision of Math and some writing exercises while we are waiting for the CD from Brainline with his work for gr4.

Lunch is a family affair with all sitting around while Dad is creating something in the galley. There is always something to clean or to check or to fix on the boat, and this will be done now. Today my project was the gas is shining again until the next braai. Dad's project was to polish all the wood surfaces on the boat.

Around sunset we love to watch a movie or something and with the sun still high we know our Dad won't fall asleep. I will go for a jog around Port Owen's streets with Marco trailing om his scooter. We all enjoy a light dinner and relaxing time with each other. Sometimes we can watch TV, a movie on e-TV and retire to bed with face book or e-mail. This is also the time for inviting friends from neighbouring yachts for a drink or go enjoy a drink with them.

Johan and Janlie passed their learner licences successfully and can't wait to spread their wings. Jaco has passed his Radio Licence and is preparing for his First Aid course to do his Skippers soon. But he has to leave Catlyn soon for Stellenbosch to complete his studies.
I gave you a slight look in a day in our lives when we are stuck in a Marina but we need to get out to sea soon!
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