Thursday, January 21, 2010

School outing...

Snow in Summer at Velddrift......?

I organised a tour visiting the Ceres Saltworks in Velddrift. What an interesting morning with Eduard as our tour guide. Ceres is 65 years old and one of South- Africa's biggest salt suppliers. We started at the salt dams being pumped full of sea water. They turn pinkish because of the density of the water and we could see the salt crystals glistening on the water. It takes two to five years before they can harvest a dam, only a layer of 15cm of salt at the bottom when it is dried up. We saw the washing process, the drying process and then the refining process until little packets are filled with salt. We were only allowed to feel and taste the very fine salt, made for Kentucky and Mac Donalds! Now we know why our salt doesn't make our pop corn taste so good.

The big white washed salt heaps are used by fashion models as snow back drops when they are featuring a winter scene. Not a lot of snow aroud in S.A.
Ps. Guided tours on Thursdays. Tel: 022 7831133

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