Saturday, January 9, 2010

West Coast Cruise. Day 3

We woke up, tired after another night watch, hoping that your boat will not drag, and hoping that the boat next to you won't drag either. Because of big swells a lot of the participating yachts retired this morning and left very early for Port Owen. Only a few were left behind.

We decided to still enjoy a little bit of Lamberts bay, and the kids took the dinghy out to town. Janlie came back with shoes and the boys with fudge! On their way back the kids tried to find the triangular white cover of the dinghy which was lost with the little roll Marco had. Jaco saved it from being rusted in the deep sea! We were ready to leave.

We left the bay just behind Time Out, and enjoyed a great sail with two Snoeks to compliment the day! Yacht Kaisosi radioed us to tell us about the beautiful anchor at Elands Bay. Four yachts anchored at Elands Bay with Lila joining in. Being the only four yachts to complete the last anchorage of the West Coast Cruise, we couldn't eat the snoek alone. With pre-dinner-drinks on Time Out, we completed the evening with shared dinner from all four yachts on Catlyn! Two snoek fed thirteen people sharing stories..... Elands Bay is beautiful, and nestled close to the rocky hill, with the old crayfish factory buildings looking spooky at night, we had a peaceful evening.

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