Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My long lost friends...

He became part of my life story when we started our first day at school, and she became part of my life story a year later in gr2, at the Primary School of Delmas. We lived our stories together as great friends only to be parted because of human happenings when we were 16 years old....and then we didn't bother because we were too busy living our stories.

But then we anchored at Stompneus Bay and they were holidaying at Shelly Point and we got together on Catlyn! She was filled with people so grateful to meet each other again, sharing stories and memories and trying to build a new relationship of long lost friends.

Sipping a glass of wine we revelled in all our children mingling and getting to know each other. They left with the dinghy in the choppy sea getting soaking wet and laughter filled the night...

Adri and Charles and all your children...go well!

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