Wednesday, January 6, 2010

West Coast Cruise 2010

Port Owen was a buzz of being busy! After a lovely evening with fresh snoek and getting the spirits going for the big race tomorrow, the skippers and crew were polishing and checking their boats. They only interrupted the preparations for an enormous cholesterol breakfast at the Yacht Club. What an awesome start!

The skippers were briefed and the plan was to get to the staring line at three o'clock. What a sight! About thirty boats all shapes and sizes were lying in the bay awaiting the siren for the sails to fly! And we had a lift off....Catlyn had a great start and did her best, but the sneaky tri-marans and a couple more with carbon fibre sails slipped past. And so did a 46ftLeopard...what a yacht! The Admiral, Time Out was giving us a good challenge, but with our secret weapon, our screecher, we left her behind with screeching sails. No distractions from their female crew could waver Catlyn, but my male crew nearly succumbed to the female temptations.

All the yachts anchored in Stompneus Bay. A water taxi was battling to get all the restaurant goers safe and dry to the beach and back again. No easy job in those choppy waters with only a torch light and impatient passengers.

It was a busy night. Not a lot of sleeping was done on the boats. Some dragged, some lifted anchor a couple of times and some were just scared something is going to happen with all the boats lying snugly close together.

We had a lazy start after the night, and no wind to lift the spirits. We headed for the open sea on the look out for a breeze to carry on the second leg of the race.

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