Saturday, January 2, 2010

Free Spirits!

I thought it a compliment.....

I went to Wikipedia to find the meaning of Free Spirits...and decided to use theirs and create my own soulful definition!

Maybe it is people who live their life to their fullest, maybe it is people who really experience all the joy life has to offer, revelling in it, and tasting it daily. Maybe it is people who cry in their sorrow, but maybe it is people who change their sorrow into a soul growing journey. Maybe it is people whom it is joy to be around, that make you feel good and enjoy being part of their lives.

I want to attain that every day
I want people to remember me when I am gone
I want to make an impact on people
I want to have been unique
I want to have given people things to think about.....

Maybe by the time I am an old lady, I'll be a true Free Spirit.

I want to be a really cool unique old lady....
and I want to leave my family behind as True Free Spirits...touching souls....playing life!!!


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