Tuesday, January 5, 2010

X-mas time

Soon we were pulled in by the buzz of shops and people and being busy with stuff and before I realised I was wrapping gifts for X-mas. I love X-mas, not because it is filled with too much food, not because it is filled with too busy shopping malls and hiked prizes but because it is filled with a different spirit than the rest of the year. People you don't know are wearing silly red hats and smiles, and people you do know are hugging you differently. Special goodies are made and wrapped and shared...like chicken livers in a little bowl for your X-mas starters or a bowl glued together from drift wood, picked up early morning at the river mouth of Gwaiing.
We spend the day with a traditional fondue dinner and tested the vocals of the family on X-mas carols.
After rehearsing and getting dressed to look as saintly as possible we set off for a serenade to all the neighbours. We were greeted through windows and treated by others....and shared a special X-mas memory with friends and our family!

To every one I know and who are part of our lives....a special X-mas greeting filled with the blessing of being loved and to love.....

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