Saturday, January 9, 2010

Last leg of the West Coast Cruise!

Being worried about the weather we left Elands Bay at six o'clock. The sea was rough and the wind was picking up. Time Out followed us, but the other two were still lazing in the bay. The sea was choppy and Catlyn got sprayed every now and then. With our main sail and genoa we sailed close to the wind. The progress was slow, but eventually that afternoon we saw the breakers of Port Owen. The wind picked up to 30 knots, and Catlyn amazed us at being steady and her heavy "derriere" was keeping us on a steady course. At last we sailed her into the Bergriver and moored her safely in Port Owen, with Time Out already safe.

The wind didn't slow down, and we were worried about the other two yachts still on the open sea. Only hours later Yacht Kaisosi was safe, and the mono hull Lila crept into the Marina at about 20h30, with her single handed skipper, Paul exhausted.

We were all glad to be safe, and we hugged and ate together at the prize giving dinner, knowing that we gave each other the prize for living life!!
Our family did us proud!

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