Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life in Port Owen Marine

We just love living in Port Owen Marine. The berth is so protected from the currents and wind that Catlyn hardly sway around. Leaving Cat for the jetties, we pass "our" beautiful gardens. We enjoy the flowers and green lawns, but we don't have to mow them or clean the weeds. We have pets coming to visit often, but we don't have to feed or clean after them.

The kids enjoy it too. They have their swimming pool, clean and so blue, but they don't have to back wash the pump. Marco enjoy riding his scooter on the beautiful walk ways and Janlie loves her jog early every morning. Wednesday- and Friday evenings we pick up on the latest yachty news at the Port Owen yacht club with a beer and a braai.

And in the mean time my sink, with a leak needed attention, and Johan taught Janlie a little bit of plumbing. The outlet is too small, and I have to be so careful not to slip foody stuff through the plugs, but I am promised this will be attended to.

And when the sun sets Marco takes us on a Sun Set Cruise on the dinghy around the channels. We even spotted otters on one of his cruises!

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