Friday, January 29, 2010

Settled with new Adventures!

Being a part of this family, doesn't leave you time to do nothing for a long time. So getting up one morning, the idea was born! While Johan and Janlie are preparing for their last and final school exam in their lives, we can just as well share our wonderful experience sharing Catlyn with some people! We rented a little house in Port Owen, just around the corner of the Yacht Club. The kids got their stability to put an effort in with their studies, Marco has a patch of lawn, and Johan and I can charter with Catlyn around the West Coast Area.

It feels great to know that we are able to share this, but I am also jealous to share Catlyn with strangers. Will they love her the way we do? Yesterday I had to move all our personal stuff from the boat, and it felt so wrong. She's been our home for almost a year. We moved into this little 3 bedroom house, and it felt so strange sleeping in a bed without being rocked to sleep. It felt so strange hearing noises in the street and next door and not the gentle sloshing of the sea.

But I spoke to my dear friend this morning, and realised that Catlyn needs to be shared. People need to enjoy her soft belly in the ocean and need to experience the feeling of being free when we set the sails and the wind takes us into the Blue. They need to lay in their bed at night, falling asleep with the lullaby of the sea....I want to share this!

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