Friday, January 29, 2010

TMT Charters born!

What an experience! You don't wake up one morning and decide you going to charter your boat and that is it! No, Catlyn had to go through thorough inspections to make sure that she is safe enough for humans. Not only life jackets were tested, but the life raft, the fire extinguishers, the gas inlets, fuel inlets and so much more... We had to get a new number listed. We had to go for medical screening and believe it or not another course. Pre Sea Induction Course, for two days, to make sure all our guest will be prepared and kept safe on Catlyn. I even landed in an ice cold swimming pool, trying out a life jacket while learning how to strap it, jump in the sea with it and how to stay afloat with it!

Now Catlyn is ready, and my two Johan's are very busy with the brochures and websites and paper planning. I phoned all the Newspapers today to get the ads running, and soon you"ll be reading about our firsts Charter on my blog. Maybe you will be our first guest....
You can follow this link to TMT Charters :

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