Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friday.  15 July 2011.

At last I have my sea legs and the washing is on the line!  I suffered from a severe head ache and a fever for 4 days,   and still don`t know whether it was part of feeling sea sick or maybe a bug.

Our family had the privilege to sail with a yacht over the Equator!  Nothing changed,   nothing happened as we passed slowly from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern Hemisphere.

This didn`t go without celebration,   and we opened the last bottle of JC le Roux Champagne,   chilled the night before.

 I am going to let you into a Sailor`s Secret.  As soon as we lifted our flutes to the first sip of ice cold bubbly,   it happened.  We had guests!  Poseidon,   God of the Ocean paid us a visit with his three goddesses!  Together we sat sipping champagne and sharing stories.  These stories I am not allowed to share with you,   it stays on the Ocean.  After crossing the Equator they slipped back into the Big Blue,   leaving us with their prayer to keep us safe!

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Janlie said...

Miss die lawwe tye..en Joe you look so sexy!!!!