Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another day in Paradise

It is so good to pack our bags after finishing the chores on the boat,   and of course school has started,  and head for the island!  The island with its lush green palms really puts us under a spell. 

Marco`s friend Gaetain,   joined us for the day,   and the two struggled in a tug of war to clean the brown strong fluff from the cocos. 

I couldn`t wait for them to open it,  and to dig my teeth in the white flesh,  my staple food on the islands,  and let me tell you,  excellent for the digestive system with all that fibre.   Especially because we are on a starch and protein and fish diet,   this is so good.  We need to get to Kourou for fresh fruit and veggies soon!
There is no water for the yachts on the island,   so thank you to our Little Wonder desalting the sea.  There are no shop for supplies,   only a little curious shop and a restaurant at the hotel.  We asked to buy some bread at the restaurant and the guy gave us a baguette,   and I asked for another one.  One baguette is not going to feed this hungry family.  Two it was!  I opened Johan`s wallet only to show the guy a card,   which the island wasn`t capable of using.  I opened the other side only to show a 20 pound and a $100!  The guys` eyes got really big,   and in a hurry he waved us out of the restaurant with our two baguettes!  On Salvation Island an angel gave us bread!!

We spent the rest of the day swimming in the convict pool and laying in the hammock between the palms.

Marco was the hero!  He climbed a Palm Tree, with a little bit of help from his dad. Right at the top his little hand reached for the green big balls and he tugged and twisted,   and one tumbled down!  What a proud little monkey he was!

The evening two SA yachts and two French yachts send their crew ashore,  and they feasted on the 6 fish Yacht Ercoluasa caught and shared.

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