Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Joao Pessoa by train.

It was drizzling and I took the opportunity with the three men at the Yacht Club on their computers to put the hems up for the new covers I bought last night at the lovely street market.  After enjoying the romantic evening with Jurandy's sax we enjoyed the market with all the beautiful things and slush puppies.  Jacare means crocodile and all over we bumped into them,  while Johan rather opt for a sip with this dude!

When the men returned,  the rain cleared up and we decided to take the train somewhere.  At the little station we paid 50 Brazilian cents pp and hopped onto the noisy clickety clack train among the locals and see where it is going to take us.  The train left the station and hanging onto the railbars we saw the rural areas go by until we reached Cabadelo.  We waited for the train`s engine to be moved to the front to go all the way back, and then heading straight where we heard the big market is.  After some more noise and clickety clack we reached the destination,  we think.

  After walking around a bit and then asking around a bit we saw the sign posts for Mercado Central,  and found this huge market with all the fresh fruit and veggies you can buy.  Next to the fruit market was the flour, beans and nuts market.  We bought fresh peanuts for R20 a kilo,  and cashews for R90 and caramel coated cashews with a touch of sesami seeds for about R70!  Loaded with dinner Marco guided us home by bus! 
We reached Jacare just before the sun set,  and we could hear the saxophone touching the air.  Along the road another man with his own sun set dream stood, selling a variety of copied CD`s,  pushing his shop with the blaring sound of some of his music.

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