Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tuesday. 19 July2011.

The crew always have an undercurrent of excitement when we are about to set foot on a new land.  We motored the most of the night with even the poor screecher just flapping around.  The sea looked like a dam,   and the moon and stars were reflecting in the mirror of the ocean.  I was good to my Skipper, and allowed him to sleep for a whole 5 hours.  It looks like I might be getting a washing machine soon,   if I carry on like this. 

On the horizon we could see the humps of the islands,  Salvation Islands.  We saw the three islands forming Ile de Salute,  and we headed for the island in the middle,  Ile de Royale.   But around the corner we couldn`t resist the inviting water,  and fighting against the current we hanged on to the ropes behind the boat,  and Joe did the brave or silly thing,  and jumped from the bimini into the warm water. 

 We anchored at Baie des Cocotiers,   and the anchor was hardly in the water,   and John from Yacht “Out of Africa” came to meet us.  He was so glad to at last meet the Maverick and family,   because since he left St. Helena he heard about the first Maverick sailing the World from all the yachties ! 

Yacht Grainedo was also safe and came to say hello, 

....  and Marco left within minutes with the canoe to play and swim with the boys.  Tomorrow we want to explore after a good night sleep!

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